Food Awareness

The Greenwich Pantry Food awareness Calendar is a self help guide for everyone who wants to celebrate food conscientiously. Our approach to the food we eat and particularly ingredients we choose daily, affects our overall eating habits. The calendar highlights ways to  celebrate food month by month, joining food lovers across the country. In particular there … Continue reading Food Awareness

Home Fermentation by Mortier Pilon

Home Fermentation by Mortier Pilon. If you’re looking into fermentation and want recipes that are cost effective and delicious, this book is a perfect way to start. Fermented foods helps us better absorb essential nutrients and brings balance to our intestinal flora. Mortier Pilon’s fermentation recipes contains over 40 recipes for Kombucha, Sauerkraut, pickles and … Continue reading Home Fermentation by Mortier Pilon

The Greenwich Pantry Podcast

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Seasonal fruits and vegetables in December

Winter time is always considered festive time, so usually no one bothers about trying to eat healthily at this time of the year. If anyone does, though, here is a list of fruits and vegetables available in December and some tasty recipe ideas. Fruits: Pineapple, Oranges, Avocados, Bananas, Clementines, Persimonns, Kiwi fruits, Mangos, Apples, Pears, … Continue reading Seasonal fruits and vegetables in December

How to Get yourself a Healthy Pantry for a healthy lifestyle.

We’ll kick off with an initial consultation where your current diet and lifestyle is reviewed. This customised service and review will help you achieve your nutrition goals but it is not a medical consultation and completely optional. The outcome of the consultation will be a menu plan to suit your lifestyle and dietary needs. Can’t … Continue reading How to Get yourself a Healthy Pantry for a healthy lifestyle.

Calling all bakers.

Calling all bakers out there interested in entering "the Great British bake off: An Extra Slice". Even if you are not interested in entering, spread the word and see if any of your talented friends could be interested in going to the show? More details below: Hope you'll have fun!

Gnocchi, special pasta that strengthens the family bond

Preparing gnocchi is fun, everyone in the family can get involved and it's relaxing too. Just put on some music and follow this recipe: My recipe without eggs.Potatoes 1kg Flour 400gsalt Watch the video to know see how to cut gnocchi Season with melted butter and sage, or a tomato sauce. Tips: cook them in boiling … Continue reading Gnocchi, special pasta that strengthens the family bond