Greek yoghurt kick-starts your day

There are many reasons why greek yoghurt is a good idea for breakfast and not least because of its delicious taste!

Greek yoghurt has been made for centuries in Greece following a slightly different recipe to normal yoghurt. It’s still made using cow’s milk but it involves straining to remove the whey and the process leaves you with a product that is usually sweeter and thicker than natural yoghurt.

What other nutritionally interesting facts about greek yoghurt are there?

This product is low in calories and sugars, high in proteins, mineral salts and vitamins. 100g of plain Greek yoghurt contains 133 calories, 6g of protein and 10g of both saturated and unsaturated fat.

It’s also a good source of calcium; useful for fortifying bones with a revitalising effect especially as the seasons change. There’s also a number of B vitamins in there which the body uses for energy.

Most Greek yoghurts also contain probiotics, great for keeping the digestive system healthy and are often call “good” or “helpful” bacteria.

There are many different varieties of Greek yoghurt. Plain Greek yoghurt is probably one of the best for you as it contains a good amount of nutrients but doesn’t have added sugar or sweeteners. Check out some of the recipes below to make plain yoghurt more exciting!

There are also pre-flavoured varieties available, maybe with honey or fruit purees added but you could just do this yourself, making a treat exactly to your tastes!

Here are some tips for a balanced breakfast:

– Plain yoghurt with some cereals and dried fruits

– Plain yoghurt, mixed nuts and a teaspoon of honey

– Spread some yoghurt on a slice of bread

– Berry flavoured yoghurt and mixed seeds

Acai bowls

All of it paired with your favourite hot drink!

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