Eating green beans, having proteins means.

For heading “how to eat veggies and be happy with them” today I want to tell you the old story of the red sauce.

If you are aiming for a not-so-boring-veg-meal let me give you a piece of advice that will surely help. Slow cook green beans soaked in a sauce made with fresh tomatoes and onions. In the final stage of the cooking, add a little wine and/or a little bit of oil and salt, you can go with pepper or chilli if you prefer.

Also other veggies will end up even tastier if cooked in this way, for example, courgettes, aubergines, peppers and carrots. You can make this dish with one type of vegetable or by mixing and matching them as you please. This method is really easy and quick and will make all your veggies look and taste delicious and with a nice little kick.

AS A TIP: Green beans from the garden or a local market will be tastier

Enjoy, life is for cooking!

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