Kitchen utensils we love #2

Cooking is about passion, ingredients, proportions, recipes, and, of course, the right tools.

Here there are 4 tools to cut, slice, fine chop, and shape your food like a pro, saving loads of time, too (That’s why we love them, btw)

Let’s start with Scissors: Herb-Scissors with a multi-blades mechanics will save you time and lead your recipe to a perfect fine chopped seasoning.

Roast-Cutting-Tongs are exactly what you need on Sunday, don’t you? We can’t live anymore without them! Perfec for a family day. Comfy food, comfy life!

Koku-Cutting-Board with built-in drawers and a grater, to slice and cut while collecting the waste and the chopped veggies. Tidy and neat job, the one of the chef

Our favourite is for sure the Spiral – Cutter.  This terrific tool is the one each healthy life-styler needs as will get your pasta dishes back with no carbs, isn’t this just your cup of tea? Love it!

Enjoy, life is for cooking!

For more of these tools check the link for more #1 Kitchen utensils 🙂

Have fun in your cooking!

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