Are you ready to cook?

Cooking is something that we can all do and enjoy although it might not always seem like that! Here at Greenwich Pantry, we believe that everyone can learn to make delicious and healthy food every day.

Being able to cook your favourite dishes from scratch can give you enormous satisfaction and means that you are in complete control of what you are eating. You control how much sugar, salt and fat are in the dishes you make so you can ensure a healthy and nutritious diet. It also means you can buy basic ingredients that haven’t been processed, again eliminating excess sugar, salt and fat.

For example, If you make a tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes rather than buying ready-made sauce, you know exactly what’s in it and can season it to your tastes. 150g of shop-bought tomato sauce can contain up to 13g of sugar!

An average slice of processed white bread can have up to 3g of sugar in it! To learn how to make your own or improve your skills, come to one of our Bread making classes at Greenwich Pantry We understand it’s hard to plan anything at the moment, so why not buy one of gift vouchers? They’re valid for 18-months so you can join a class later on.

Sometimes you just need a helping hand to give you tips and ideas about what to cook and how to improve and that’s why we’re here!

We organise cooking classes in London throughout the year.

You can choose from learning how to make sushi, discover the joys of baking your own bread, join our healthy cooking workshops or get some great ideas for moving over to a plant based diet on our Vegan Cooking or Vegan Baking classes.

Have a look at our available classes below and book your place now, >following this link<

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There are plenty of classes you can do as a group: Team Building, Birthdays, Hen /Stag do, Family Cooking Classes, Kids Cooking Classes and Cooking Experiences with friends.

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