Protein Rich Vegetarian meals

Have you said stop to animal proteins?

That’s fair enough but don’t forget that it’s important to balance your diet with some plant based alternatives to make sure you are still getting enough protein.

What proteins to eat if you are vegetarian.

Cheese, eggs, beans, chickpeas, mushrooms, tofu and seitan are some of the alternatives you can use in your new balanced vegetarian diet.

Of course anyone with specific dietary needs should get the appropriate advice from a nutritionist.

Why not try some of the protein rich recipes below?

– Frittata with chickpeas flour and seasonal chopped vegetables.

Chickpeas are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and fibre and said to have a number of health benefits. They’re also high in protein so are a great substitute for meat in vegetarian or vegan diets.

– Chickpea salad with dried tomatoes and capers seasoned with balsamic vinegar

Again you’ve got chickpeas with all their nutritional benefits plus capers as well to give you even more protein.

– Butternut Squash Pie with cheese or mashed potatoes

In this one you’ve got the protein in the cheese plus all the great antioxidants in the butternut squash.

The above are all just a starting point and not only are they really good for you, but delicious too!

What if you are after some Vegan recipes?

Some of you might have decided to go completely plant based and cut out all animal based products. This can be more challenging at first and it might be worth going to a Cooking Class. Check out our vegan cooking classes at Greenwich Pantry and join in the fun with like minded egg-less bakers for fun while trying out new recipes.

There are different Vegan classes available:

Vegan Cooking which focuses on discovering and cooking with a whole range of healthy, colourful and vibrant ingredients for every day meals.

Vegan Baking skills and Vegan Cupcake and Muffin classes to learn or hone those plant based baking skills and understanding the best substitutes to use!

Booking is available at this website, Hurry though, classes are filling up!!

Life is for cooking

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