How to Get yourself a Healthy Pantry for a healthy lifestyle.

We’ll kick off with an initial consultation where your current diet and lifestyle is reviewed. This customised service and review will help you achieve your nutrition goals but it is not a medical consultation and completely optional.
The outcome of the consultation will be a menu plan to suit your lifestyle and dietary needs.

Can’t come to us? We’ll come to you!

Following the initial consultation we arrange an opportune time to pay a visit to your house. (we can do this virtually if you live more than 20km away from London). We’ll spend time snooping around your fridge and pantry, going through tins and containers in any hideout you care to share with us.
We’ll discuss your goals and what you want to achieve; this could be a healthy pantry, a family pantry or a funky foodie pantry. Your choice.

We’ll discuss the staples essential for everyday needs which you should always keep on hand and show you how best to store them.

Because life sometimes takes over your health and food goals, we follow up with you to discuss how you’re doing with the plans.

For an additional fee you may choose to include a shopping tour enabling you to kick off your new pantry with all the essentials.

We’ll do all the hardwork. Initial Consultation (current diet and lifestyle review)

  • Product audit
  • Shopping list creation
  • A list of recommended local producers and suppliers where you can conveniently pick up your new storecupboard items
  • Advice on how to store all the essentials you need to be healthy and create the types of meals you want to eat which are simple and fast.
  • A recipe pack based on your preferred meals with ingredients adapted from your new pantry.
  • Follow up consultation

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