Recharging by cooking

A 2015 study found that washing up the dishes was the perfect time to practice mindfulness.

Some people find cooking to be the ultimate unwinding activity and, in a certain way, it really is. Cooking asks your mind to really focus on something else, something non work-related. You can create something at your own pace that usually turns into a moment of sharing.

Cooking helps to take your mind off work or other problems, and as we all live such busy, frenetic lives, it can be a welcome break! You’re using your skills in a different, more practical way and that can really help you to, not switch off completely, but just redirect your thoughts. Cooking has even been credited with helping anxiety and is used by health care clinics and therapists as something called Culinary Therapy.

Culinary therapist say that like more traditional cognitive therapy, Culinary Therapy helps focus the mind but in a more creative way and as we all need to eat, it combines wellbeing with a very practical need.

Doing it as a group can also be hugely therapeutic, it can be used a team building activity and a way to improve communication between people and then at the end of it you’ve got a delicious meal ready to eat! What’s not to love?

At Greenwich Pantry we can also organise tailor made group cooking classes for you and your family and friends, check out our website to see what’s on offer.

Want to have fun after work? Why not cooking with other people? Group activities are even better to properly unwind! Try a Cooking Class and find your own way to learn and have fun at the same time, especially if you think you can’t cook, we’ll prove you wrong!

To make this idyllic activity even better, choose some of your favourite music to cook to.

Yes, picture your day with this cooking time dedicated to yourself and someone you love, doing something that doesn’t need to have any standards or rules other than your own.

Give it a try and don’t forget to send in the comments about what tune you choose to get into a complete peaceful state of mind.

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