Food poetry, what is it all about?

There are many different ways to approach cooking, one of these is to approach it as you would poetry. Basically, that means giving importance to the way the food is put on the plate and composed, “for show”.

I was once told “If you find the right balance between the colours, as you do when painting, your dish will be a work of art”. 

Think about it. If you see a dish which looks good, would you not be thinking “I can’t wait to taste that”? I know I would.

This is because the way the food looks is the most important thing when you’re deciding what to eat and if it looks good, you’re more likely to think that the cook has paid attention to the detail so they’ve done a great job with the taste as well.

The Tip:
Look at your pots, pans, plates and serving dishes and think about what colour will look amazing in them and then just add the perfect ingredient.

Life is for cooking, and we love the way this dish (Pasta with tomato sauce, grated parmesan cheese and basil) looks.

Enjoy your cooking!

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