Acai Bowls, the world’s healthiest breakfast

Directly from Brazil, it refers to anything fruity put into a bowl and served with cereals or whatever your taste buds may suggests.

The word Acai is actually related to a specific frui.

The fruit of the Açaí palm is rich in anthocyanins (which give the fruit its reddish colour), protein, essential fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals. The anthocyanins have antioxidant powers, therefore the fruits are highly beneficial in boosting the immune system and preventing degenerative diseases.

This particular fruit in fact has an antioxidant action which is 30 times more effective than red wine and three times more than blueberries.

In addition, the essential fats lower the LDL (Low Density Lipoproteins) and this is useful for the heart and disease prevention.


The name “açai” (pronounced “assaì“) comes from the Portuguese translation of the word ïwaca’i, which means “fruit that releases water”. The acai fruits are a balanced food, rich in nutrients and widely eaten in the Amazon Forest, in Brazil.

For the Caboclo population in Brazil, this fruit is a staple of their daily diet.

The energising properties found in the fruit are the main reason for this choice. Eating them as fruit or drinking them as juice, is the best way to get the most nutrients while reducing hunger pangs and consuming only a tiny amount of calories.

HOW TO: A balanced breakfast

The ingredient is often used for breakfast, mixed with cereals, muesli or honey, in perfectly balanced acai bowls.

See below more images of what you can do with them and have fun mixing and matching ingredients.

Enjoy your time cooking, life is for cooking.

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