Food Facts

Sushi The Japanese perfection. A fine balance that says a lot about Japanese culture. The word sushi comes from two words "su" and "meshi" which in English mean vinegar and rice and so refers to the slightly sweet, vinegary rice served with seafood, egg or vegetables either raw or cooked. So sushi doesn't mean raw … Continue reading Food Facts

Seasonal fruits and vegetables in December

Winter time is always considered festive time, so usually no one bothers about trying to eat healthily at this time of the year. If anyone does, though, here is a list of fruits and vegetables available in December and some tasty recipe ideas. Fruits: Pineapple, Oranges, Avocados, Bananas, Clementines, Persimonns, Kiwi fruits, Mangos, Apples, Pears, … Continue reading Seasonal fruits and vegetables in December

Spicy poem.

What's your favorite spices poem? What are the spices you need for your favourite dishes? I cannot cook without oregano, pepper, chilli, rosemary and parsley. In addition to that, one of my favourite spices at the moment is curry. Of course, picking them fresh from a plant is the best way! Spices are a colourful joy … Continue reading Spicy poem.