Couples Cooking Together?

If you think couples should cook together, then you can forget the Bahamas! In fact, couples in search of sustainable intimacy can find it in the kitchen.

Couples cooking together in a Greenwich Pantry class.

Relationships nurtured in the kitchen engage in long term discovery and celebration of food in all its glory. Not only that, transferable skills are developed too. Skills such as teamworking, communication and collaboration are often observed in the creation of delicious food.

Although we are focusing on couples, in this blog, it’s quite clear that all of us want our relationships to blossom but the challenge is that it takes some time and creativity.

By nurturing love in the kitchen, couples uncover more ‘relationship gems’ such as warmth, joy and yes, delicious recipes.

Furthermore, with basic ingredients such as love and teamwork, there’s a true path to tread.

So, now we’ve established that cooking as a couple is a great idea at the best of times, let’s consider how it can be achieved.

Couples Cooking along

A cook along allows you to do so much and could be a double cure especially when you’re both busy and everyone is strapped for time. If nothing else, this type of couple cooking works because two is better than one when washing up!!

Couples Cooking Classes

A couples cooking class offers the opportunity for couples to explore different recipes adapting and making them suit your lifestyle.

A cooking class typically involves learning under the guidance of a cooking expert. Cooking techniques and know how is often the main thing couples pick up in such classes.

Couple Bake Off

Ok, so it’s not quite bake off as you know it but let’s face it, couples cooking with a competitive streak can use that for good in their relationships. There’s no harm in discovering that your other half is better at bread making than you!

With so much success possibilities, whatever your relationship goals are, we hope some of these tips will help you.

Check the pantry

Cooking requires some prior planning and you’ll want some of these essentials in your store cupboard.

A food calendar works really well

Having a food timetable is one of the reasons seasoned cooks appear so organised. Your weekly food calendar is your “bestie” and avoids the question about what you’re going to have for dinner.

Think seasonally

This one escapes the mind but thinking seasonally is a great way to refresh your tastebuds with new textures, flavours and vitamins. Check out our seasonal fruit and veg calendar.

Month by month seasonal fruit and vegetable calendar by Greenwich Pantry

Or listen to the podcast

Image of headphones with link to Greenwich Pantry Podcast

Check- in on cooking skills

To master a recipe you’ll need to know your ingredients well and practicing knife skills can also transform the way your food looks. Since cooking is a life skill, you’ll probably find yourself needing help with specific areas from time to time. It’s never too late to learn a new way.

Healthy eating makes a difference

Glass bowl with a green salad

Healthy eating is enabled by the ability to balance our nutrients when cooking. Knowing a few heathy recipes you both really enjoy can help you stay balanced and there’s plenty of recipes on our blog if you need inspiration.

Some kitchen tools are a life saver

Everyone has a favourite kitchen gadget. A set of measuring spoons will take you through many recipes and help you stay away from over salting and keeping fats to a minimum when cooking your food. You can find some of our favourite kitchen pals here.

Life is for cooking
Whatever way it goes, remember that cooking with love is one of the most rewarding gift anyone can give and let’s be honest, a helping hand in the kitchen at this time of year can only ever be a good thing!

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