How to freeze the food

Freezing food is a convenient choice to preserve the exceeding food sources in order to use them when you’ll need in the future. It is important to freeze them properly, though, to keep them fresh and high quality when you’ll use them afterwards.

Here some tips:

  1. Put on a label reminding you when you did freeze that food
  2. Use sealed packaging to proper closing the food
  3. Wait until the food will cool down (if cooked)
  4. Portion the food in smaller parts to get them freezing faster

Vegetables can be freezed and kept from 3 to 6 months. Fruits from 8-12 months, Meat from 2 weeks to one year, depending which one (e.g. a steak for one year, wurstel for 2 weeks), Fish until 3 months.

Before cooking make sure you’ll have un-freezed completely the food.

Any other tips and info you might want or need can be asked and gained through a course of preserving and fermentation too. Have a look to our cooking classes calendar.

Credits image © Image by silviarita from Pixabay

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