A Garden on the balcony #3


Think about where in the world you are living.

One of the best pieces of advice you can get is to eat a Mediterranean Diet as it is considered a healthier choice. The thing about growing what you need for the Mediterranean Diet is you need to really think about weather conditions.

In the precise area we are referring to, the temperatures are much better than anywhere else, and the weather is dry and warm, usually balanced, with no cool or hot peaks.

To start and think about replicating the same weather conditions, it is a good idea to consider growing in a glasshouse or a garden hot house, the place you use as a conservatory is really appreciated by the plants, too. So, I’m afraid this growing on a balcony might not work unless it’s very sheltered. There are still plenty of possibilities not including giving up 😉

Enjoy, Life is for cooking!

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