Yoga of Cooking

“I found that when I step into the kitchen and cream some butter and sugar, my thoughts slow down and creativity flows. Here, I invent many of my favorite recipes and I spend some time with my friends and family”. 

This philosophy behind cooking as a relaxing method, is a true lifestyle.

Everyone needs to unwind from the stress of the day and we have been told more than once about the healing power of cooking.

This starts from the shopping time (colourful markets and chit chatting with people at the stands, makes you smile from time to time), then you have to think about the recipe and it’s all up to your creativity to find something new that you have never tried, mixing and matching as you like. In this processes the mind is finally somewhere else, thinking of tastes and quantities.

Some people do it the other way around: looking for the right recipe and then going to the markets to search for the best ingredients, like a treasure hunt.

Whichever method you choose, the times then comes for whisking, the noise of pots and pans, making dough and stirring, all requiring body movements that stimulate and promote a healthy balance between the body and the soul. In the end the effort of cooking is paid back by the best part: eating and sharing.

We were so amazed to find a blogger that is actually talking about cooking as yoga, comparing the two activities just seemed natural and the perfect match to us, too. Check her blog here.

And go ahead with your cook-meditation session!

Life is for cooking,

Enjoy it all.

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