A garden on the balcony. #1

You have been told more than once that eating fresh can help to gain better nutrients from the food you eat.

It is so true that everyone should have some land or a little space to dedicate to gardening. With some tips, anyone could learn and start a proper garden anywhere, even on a balcony.

Any plant can be potted, however, be careful to give them enough space to grow, good light /sun exposition and to have a bit of time to take care of the them.

Having said that, honestly, it is better though to select the variety of plants happy to grow in a pot to get more satisfaction and a real result.

Prefer small to big.

Of course you’ll have limited space so probably it’s better to choose a small amount of small plants, instead of choosing one big plant only. In this way you’ll have more fun and space to grow quite a good variety.

Bulb plants are a bit constricted inside a pot so it’s difficult for them to get big. That doesn’t mean you can’t still grow some carrots, but lower your expectations in terms of dimension.

coltivare sul balcone

Also, some plants are very demanding (as pumpkins, courgettes, cucumbers, melons and watermelons) because they need a lot of space and nutrients from the soil, so maybe choose other plants if you only have a small balcony. Courgettes and cucumbers can be grown in a small space, just not too many so they can grow in good health.

Now, which veggies are okay in a balcony garden?

All the ones that could be happy in small pots such as salads, chard, spinach and strawberries.

Some bigger pots scan be used for legumes, chillies, tomatoes and aubergines, bearing in mind that tiny vegetables are a good goal to be proud of when growing on a balcony.

Tips on exposition: if gardening on a balcony facing north, avoid fruiting vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and chillies which need loads of sunlight to grow.

Balconies are great places to grow herbs and berries, even some fruit trees in a dwarf version can work.

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