Something called Quinoa

Good Morning!

Today I would like to share a easy recipe that’s really healthy and super yummy!

We often hear about healthy recipes these days, but what we’re not hearing so often is that a good recipe is not just a method, it is rather a process where step by step the result is reached.

First things first: check the ingredients

For a good recipe the choice of ingredients makes a huge difference. If you have any doubt go seasonal, fresh, natural and locally produced.

Secondly: get information


For example what is Quinoa?

It is an ancient grain that contains important nutrients such as protein, magnesium and phosphorus.

It’s just so tiny that when I drain it I always lose some grains in the sink!

Thirdly: Mix and Match with creativity

Check below for recipe idea using quinoa.


Smoked Salmon 60g
Rice vinegar 1 tsp

Oil 1 tbs
Tamari 1 tsp
Lemon Juice

Seek you best ingredients, like a treasure hunt, have fun and Enjoy!

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