Small Business Saturday Blue Tie Event

Blue Tie event

Small Business Saturday is a campaign that supports small businesses in the UK. This campaign is an opportunity to promote ourselves and to meet and work with other small businesses. The campaign represents a golden opportunity to increase sales for all small businesses during the holiday shopping season and is spearheaded by the illustrious Michelle Ovens MBE with her amazing team of campaigners.

The campaign is in its 10th year and the excitement has been ramping up since July. It kicks off with the selection of 100 businesses across the UK whose organisations are highlighted and given the opportunity to shine in many ways.

One of the major celebratory events is the Blue Blue event where the 100 businesses and alumni get to network and are treated to canapés and cocktails in a London venue.

Taking place in October every year, the Blue Tie event is also the occasion when a small business is awarded the Francesca Kemp Award.

Blue Tie Event

Francesca Kemp was a much loved and respected small business owner who demonstrated a real passion for small business and generally exemplified the small business spirit. Sadly Francesca passed away in 2018 and in her memory every year, at the Blue Tie event, a small business owner is selected to receive the award. This year, the award went to our very own Lara Omoloja, on behalf of Greenwich Pantry.

Lara is full of passion for small businesses and has spent many years developing Greenwich Pantry around the the concept of good food and responsible business. Lara believes every business can be a force for good, no matter how small.

The Blue Tie event was a wonderful occasion to celebrate being part of the smallbiz100 in 2021 and meet other amazing small businesses. Undoubtedly, being apart of the small biz100 community is a game changer for any small business particularly in 2022, since many small businesses have felt the force of the pandemic; one way or another. Even after such challenging times, small businesses can still bounce back stronger and more prepared for future successes than ever!

Like many other small businesses this year, Greenwich Pantry is gearing up for the 10th Small Business Saturday with its Christmas selection of classes for both kids and adults, beginners or advanced. Many of our classes are enjoyed by groups and teams seeking to blend together and have fun together.

If your a small business interested in joining the Small Business Saturday movement, click here for more information.