What is it like to participate in a cooking class?

Some people says that participating in a class is fun, others think of it as a way to learn. We make it both!

Sometimes it is certainly a way to strenghten bonds between whoever you are attending the class with or even a way to have your personal moment, during a very full week when you need to unload a little. Some people are starting to organise classes as a Team building recreative task to add onto the Socialisation Company Programme. Cooking with your colleagues and working together in a different environment is great fun!

We like to think of a cooking class as an experience that makes you feel more aware and capable.

Read below about attending a Greenwich Pantry Clean Eating Workshop:

Clean eating, what is it?
It was the first question we got asked before starting our lesson with the cook Zoe.
Attending the lesson there were 4 people and I, willing to start a new adventure and being conscious of what eating healthier could mean.
Some of us were interested in using unprocessed food, natural ingredients and seasonal and organic vegetables, some others were more interested in finding new ways of cooking, trying to reduce the calories in the meals and to substitute healthy ingredients to the unhealthy ones, without renouncing to the taste of their dishes.

“It is clear from the beginning that we all have something in common: we all love food and eating. We are pretty much all new in our new lives with our partners, someone is going to marry soon and we are hungry for knowledge and hands on experience to build confidence in how we cook and eat better”.

by WowingEmoji blog The whole article here : Eat better to feel better.

If you want to book your own experience check all the classes on the Greenwich Pantry website www.greenwichpantry.com

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