A gift for foodies

I know, everyone is thinking about the perfect gift at this time of the year.

When you’re thinking about people that love cooking the first thing you think of as a gift is probably some new equipment to use in the kitchen, going from simple utensils to more complex tools.

Those things are all great and thoughtful. They can be even better when matched with a hands on Cooking experience. When people love cooking, and this is really what they are passionate about, the real gift is to share a moment with someone else who loves it and learn some tips from a real chef.

This is why for a foodie the best gift ever is a Cookery Class! Greenwich Pantry is organising Cooking classes for everyone, in London.

You can go for a Sushi lesson, a Pie and Pastry Making Class, an International Cuisine experience, a class with your kids, or for a family day out. You can even ask to organise a Cooking Class for your Company.

Chris Voucher

Pick your class, make a perfect Christmas day for someone you love.

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