Think Big-Shop Small-business Saturday

Small business

Greenwich Pantry is calling on the public and other fellow small businesses to get behind the campaign on December 3rd.

Independent businesses face a raft of winter challenges alongside the recession. As business owners across the country prepare to celebrate ten years of Small Business Saturday on 3 December, Greenwich Pantry is leading efforts to encourage the public to support the campaign, and help other small businesses across the UK to get involved. Small Business Saturday is a grassroots, non-commercial campaign which celebrates small business success and encourages consumers to ‘shop local’ and to support businesses in their communities.

The iconic campaign is celebrating its tenth year in the UK this year, with principal supporter American Express. Over the time the campaign has run in the UK it has engaged millions each year, with billions spent with small businesses on Small Business Saturday. Greenwich Pantry have been a longstanding champion of the campaign and in 2021 was a SmallBiz100. Across the UK Small Business Saturday spot lights the important role that small businesses play in our communities and showcases the love that people have for local firms. It’s a vital campaign that makes a big impact all year round.

“Over the years, there have been a lot of success and throughout the past couple of years small businesses have seen more and more support. Let us aim higher and make this year the best year possible!”

On Small Business Saturday customers across the UK go out and support all types of small businesses. From independent shops like The Little Green Pantry and restaurants, to small service and b2b based businesses like redherringgames and digital marketeers such as Digikind. Many small businesses take an active role in promoting the day by hosting events and offering promotions. For details about Greenwich Pantry’s special promotion. ..keep your eyes peeled on our social media pages!!

The eighth annual small business Saturday, which took place on December 5th 2020, saw 15.4 million people hitting the high street and shopping small. We at Greenwich Pantry think 2022 could be even bigger!

Many small businesses cater to a niche market and carry a limited range of products. They hire employees who know about products, can make recommendations and discuss the relative advantage of one product brand over another always focusing on your needs as a consumer. Small independent shops also know their customers and overtime develop a rapport with them., these are just some of the numerous benefits customers get when they shop small according to American Express one major supporter of the campaign.

Small Business Saturday is a fantastic opportunity for all small business owners to be highlighted and is completely free and open to all small firms, many of whom collaborate with other local businesses. We would urge all small business owners across the UK to get involved with the campaign.

If you’re a small business interested in joining the Small Business Saturday movement, click here for more information.