In the kitchen it is always the season for seasoning.

Once you know how to mix and match the right amount of spices in your dishes,  your cooking will be even more of a success.

I love to mix…

  • Garlic and Chilli, especially in Pasta Sauce
  • Curry and Coconut flakes, for chicken seasoning
  • Lemon and Soy Sauce, for Salad Dressing
  • Garlic and Oregano or Basil in Bruschetta Sauce
  • Pepper and Lemon for Fish seasoning
  • Parsley literally everywhere, it’s a classic with its best friend, lemon!

When you learn how to use spices and seasoning properly, it’s easy to reduce the amount of salt in your food as the seasoning adds all the flavour you need!

What’s your favourite mix?

I can’t live without oregano, pepper, chilli, rosemary and parsley in my kitchen. 
Curry has become one of my favourite spices too.

Spices are a colourful joy to see and they become yummy in every dish!

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