Comprehensive Guide to IntelliJ Prettier: Enhance Your Programming Efficiency


In the ever-evolving realm of programming, coding efficiency isn’t just desirable, it’s necessary. One monumental tool that developers are harnessing to streamline their programming process is IntelliJ Prettier. This impressive plugin simplifies coding while enhancing readability and maintainability – crucial components for any robust software or application.

As with any powerful tool, gaining a firm grasp on IntelliJ Prettier requires knowledge and practice. In this comprehensive guide, we provide a deep dive into IntelliJ Prettier to help you augment your growing developer toolkit.

Understanding IntelliJ Prettier

Understanding IntelliJ Prettier is critical for its efficient utilization. Prettier, an open-source formatting tool, streamlines the code formatting process to ensure good readability and consistency. With IntelliJ being a commonly used Integrated Development Environment (IDE), integrating Prettier tools into IntelliJ leads to augmented coding efficiency and improved robustness in the programs.

Integrating IntelliJ with Prettier

You may wonder how to seamlessly integrate IntelliJ with Prettier. The answer lies in installing the Prettier plugin stack into your IntelliJ structure. The process is as follows:

  1. IntelliJ Installation: For first-time users, begin by installing IntelliJ IDE. You can find it easily on the JetBrains website.

  2. Prettier Initialization: Prettier is an npm package, meaning you must initialize npm in your project to begin. Use the command line tool and navigate to your project directory, then type npm init.

  3. Prettier Installation: After initializing npm, install Prettier using npm install prettier.

  4. Plugin Setup Inside IntelliJ: Finally, navigate to the IntelliJ IDE’s settings. Here, you will find the plugins section. Search for Prettier, and click on the install button to finish the process.

Capitalizing on the Power of IntelliJ Prettier

Integrating IntelliJ with Prettier ushers in several significant benefits:

  1. Consistent Formatting: Regardless of how many people work on the project, IntelliJ Prettier ensures everyone’s code has consistent formatting. It allows for easy reading, debugging, understanding, and expansion of the existing code.

  2. Elimination of Stylistic Arguments: With Prettier doing the formatting, there’s no room for petty arguments about code styling conventions. This absence of distraction leaves teams free to focus on problems that matter, such as algorithms and data structures.

  3. Time Saving: Manually formatting and reformatting code can be tedious and time-consuming. Using IntelliJ Prettier removes the manual aspect of this process, leaving developers with more time to focus on the more significant aspects of coding.

Basic Settings in IntelliJ Prettier

Customization is key in making the most of the IntelliJ Prettier plugin. Here are a few of the basic settings inside the Prettier IntelliJ Plugin:

  • Prettier Package: This setting specifies the Prettier package to be used. This flexibility allows for use of classic or forked versions of Prettier.

  • Run on Save for Files: This setting allows you to specify the file types that Prettier should format on save.

  • Prettier Config Path: This setting specifies the path of the Prettier configuration file, useful when you have specific configuration settings for different projects.

Advanced User Settings in IntelliJ Prettier

For advanced users, there are several heavy-duty functionalities you can exploit via IntelliJ Prettier:

  • Custom Parsers: Prettier supports not just JavaScript but also CSS, Markdown, and multiple language flavors, such as Typescript and JSX.

  • Prettier Ignore: Similar to .gitignore, IntelliJ Prettier allows users to specify files they wish to exclude from formatting.

  • IntelliJ Event Listener: Advanced users can tap into the IntelliJ API and write event listeners. For example, they can write a listener that formats the code every time they save a file.


Programming efficiency doesn’t happen by accident; it is a conscious blend of knowledge, skill, and the right tools. IntelliJ Prettier, with its seamless integration mechanism and robust formatting options, can prove to be the developer’s panacea for formatting woes. Evolving with the tools of your trade can set you apart as an efficient programmer in today’s dynamic tech landscape.

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