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How should you prepare yourself for a cooking class?

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When coming along to a cooking school, there are a number of things you can do to prepare yourself for the class. Here, we’ll highlight 5 main things.


Be clear on the type of class you want. There are many different choices and that can seem overwhelming. For example, think about whether you want a group class or a private class. In other words, do you want to learn with a variety of people or do you want to be taught on your own with your group of friends and family. There are huge advantages to doing either but think of your budget too.. 


Consider the style of cuisine you want to learn. For instance, you may have an aspiration to cook dinner parties and want to nail a recipe. Or perhaps you’ve never had the opportunity to bake and added baking to your bucket list? Look for classes that will advance your aspirations!

Freshly baked cupcakes being taken out of the oven.


Let your cooking school know your goals, i.e. what you want to take away from the class. Most cooking schools will ask you during the sign up process but if they don’t ask, be sure to tell them. This aspect is really important to help you and your teacher succeed. It is also worth remembering that practice makes perfect so, once you’ve learned to make your recipe in class, you’ll need to practice it again and again.


Always let your cooking school know about allergies and intolerances. They may be able to adapt the recipes or point you in the right direction for a different class.  Equally, it would be good to let your cooking school host know about specific needs. At Greenwich Pantry, we strongly believe cooking should be as accessible and as safe as possible. With that in mind, needs such as access to light-weight utensils or adjustable tables and seats may be the only way that some people can cook.

Last but not least,

The fifth point is, get ready to engage your senses. Cooking is about extending and engaging our taste buds. The more you learn to get the feel and texture of your cooking, the more you’ll fall in love with food. 

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