Kitchen utensils we love #2

Cooking is about passion, ingredients, proportions, recipes, and, of course, the right tools.

Here are 4 tools to cut, slice, fine chop, and shape your food like a pro, saving loads of time too (That’s why we love them, btw)

Let’s start with Scissors: Herb-Scissors with a multi-blades mechanism will save you time and result in perfect finely chopped seasoning.

Roast-Cutting-Tongs are exactly what you need on Sunday, don’t you? We can’t live without them anymore! Perfect for a family day. Comfy food, comfy life!

Koku-Cutting-Board with built-in drawers and a grater, to slice and cut while collecting the waste and the chopped vegetables.

Our favourite is definitely the Spiral-Cutter.  This terrific tool is the one each healthy life-styler needs as it will get your pasta dishes back with no carbs, love it!

Enjoy, life is for cooking!

For more of these tools check the link for more #1 Kitchen utensils 🙂

Have fun with your cooking!

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