Who said be on the ball foodie?

Hi all,

Today I was just thinking about how many people are writing and posting about food nowadays.

We are too!

For this reason, I want to jot down a list of the instagrammers, bloggers and book authors who are definitely the ones that need to be in your follow/read list.

If you have any recommendations, please feel free to add them in the comments!

So: Let’s start

We’re on Instagram as: CookEatParty and you can find everything we do, specialising in food events! Here we are.

Foodbites is the one you want to get to search for ideas for the next party foodie craft compositions, the stuff on their Instagram profile is absolutely amazing!

For any easy or traditional recipes, you might want to check out the BBC good food website.

For a good end/beginning of the year, go ahead with the Fit Foodie book, – it’s a story you won’t forget.

I hope you have fun checking these food / cooking lovers pieces out. And, of course, a very happy Festive Season to you all!!!


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